Our Programs

Our Proven 6-Application Program

We offer discounts for annual prepay and a $50 visa gift card (per referral) to anyone that signs up for our annual 6 treatment lawn program.

Application 1

Pre-Emergent Application and Fertilizer

We will apply a professional fertilizer to promote early spring green-up with a uniform application of pre-emergent to inhibit germination of crabgrass and other summer weeds.

Application 2

Broadleaf Weed Control

This spring application controls numerous broadleaf weeds that are unsightly and compete with your turfgrass.

Application 3

Pre-Emergent Application and Fertilizer

This application will extend the crabgrass barrier well into the growing season and provide nutrients needed to endure the stresses of summer while promoting a dark green color.

Application 4

Slow-Release Fertilizer

We will apply a professional slow-release fertilizer to help your lawn recover from the stressful summer. If you plan to aerate and overseed in the fall, we will substitute with a starter fertilizer that will promote seed germination.

Application 5

Broadleaf Weed Control

This fall application controls numerous broadleaf weeds. This is the best time of the year to effectively control weeds for the next growing season.

Application 6

Quick Release Fertilizer

This late fall application of fertilizer will enhance energy storage within the plant roots throughout the long winter for utilization next spring.

Optional Programs

We offer discounts for annual prepay and a $50 visa gift card to anyone that signs up for our annual 6 treatment lawn program. 

Aeration & Seeding

Fall is the perfect time to address thinning lawns with aeration and seeding. We have trained and licensed applicators on staff that study and understand lawn health and soil science. Aeration and seeding is an investment and you want a company that is licensed to apply fertilizer at the time of seeding and is your knowledgeable partner in the long-term health of your lawn. We provide the proven method of double pass core aeration to reduce compaction and increase the porosity of your soil. This also increases the oxygen exchange and nutrient absorption into the soil. We will seed your lawn at this time to increase turf density with a high quality seed (Blue Tag Certified) that has an exceptional germination rate and 0.00% weed contamination. Don’t be fooled by seed with even 0.01% as this will introduce several thousand weed seeds into your lawn that could be difficult to control in the future. This is also a great time to address any soil deficiencies that could inhibit your turfgrass health and vigor.

Nutsedge Control

Yellow nutsedge is a summer annual weed with a lime green color, triangular stem, and growth that greatly outpaces fescue. Nutsedge is resistant to most common herbicides, and the products that control it are more expensive than standard weed control measures. Not all lawns have nutsedge therefore, customers appreciate not having to pay for a service they may not need. For those with nutsedge, we recommend two treatments during the summer to ensure more effective control of multiple generations common with this nuisance weed.

Lawn Insect Control

The primary food source of lawn grub worms are the roots of your beautiful turfgrass. Fortunately not all lawns experience the damaging presence of white grubs therefore, this is not part of most standard lawn treatment programs. However, if a grub outbreak occurs, they can severely damage your lawn. We offer this ancillary service in a single and effective application against grub worms, black cutworms, sod webworms, and fall armyworms. Our product does not harm beneficial organisms including earthworms and honey bees. (Treating grubs to control moles is not responsible and is ineffective).

Fungal Disease Program

Every type of turfgrass is susceptible to at least one disease. Some fungal diseases are merely cosmetic while others can do severe damage to your turf.  Brown patch, dollar spot, pythium blight, and gray leaf spot are diseases in fescue that often require treatment to prevent significant loss of turf. We offer a preventative fungicide program consisting of 3-4 applications (depending on conditions) in the summer on a monthly interval.

Landscape Bed Weed Control Program

Our program is designed to keep your landscape beds free from weeds throughout the growing season. We will treat your landscape twice annually with  a granular pre-emergent and spot treat existing weeds with a liquid application.

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